The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land.  -L. Leopold

By ruin of farmers and rural communities, by erosion, pollution, and various kinds of industrial and urban development, we have degraded and reduced the long-term food-producing capacity of our country.  -W. Berry

Sponsored by Montana Departments of Agriculture & Environmental Quality

 What do we know about nitrate levels in Montana water?

  •   How does nitrate move in the environment?
  •   Is nitrate in groundwater elevated in Montana?
  •   How does nitrate in groundwater effect streams?
  •   Is nitrate in groundwater related to fertilizer, crop-fallow, pulse crops, or cover crops?
  •   What is the geochemistry of nitrate in the subsurface?
  •   Do septic systems contribute nitrate to groundwater?
  •   Are there other nitrate sources that aren’t well documented?
  •   Can/should we manage various nutrient sources more closely?
  •   What are the challenges to managing nitrate in water?
  •   Have other Intermountain West states addressed nitrate in groundwater?